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 New Year’s Eve Celebration With Lucky Presents’s Boat Hire NYE
August 23, 2023

New Year’s Eve Celebration With Lucky Presents’s Boat Hire NYE

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As 2018 draws to a close, excitement builds about New Year’s Eve festivities at Lucky Presents. Our belief that greeting a new year in style should include beautiful settings filled with luxury is why we are pleased to introduce Boat Hire NYE: an extraordinary journey where stunning sights, luxurious settings and festive celebration awaits. Don’t miss this rare chance – join us now on this unforgettable voyage and welcome the New Year like never before.

Celebrate New Year with Boat Rental NYC

Lucky Presents has built its reputation on creating unforgettable experiences, such as Boat Hire NYE. Imagine sailing along picturesque waters as your city skyline twinkles festive lights overhead – our handpicked selection of boats offer sophisticated yet comfortable experiences in which to usher in 2019. We believe our Boat Rental NYE experience stands up against its peers – experience it for yourself now!

Launching Your Sailboat In Luxury

Step aboard one of our carefully chosen boats where luxury and comfort come first, featuring spacious decks and elegantly designed interiors for optimal experience. Each vessel embodies our dedication to provide only the finest vessels – whether for intimate gatherings or lively celebrations; we have something that suits everyone here! Our boat hire options can also cater to your specific event requirements!

Seats to NYE Magic

At Boat Hire NYE, one of our main draws is unmatched views. Just imagine being out on deck as midnight strikes and watching fireworks light up the night sky; what an unforgettable scene that will create! Don’t miss our Boat Rental New Years experience for an unforgettable New Years experience that you won’t soon forget.

Customized Celebrations

Lucky Presents understands that every celebration is special. That’s why our Boat Hire NYE options in sydney can be customized to your vision; whether that means hosting an intimate celebration between close friends, an exciting family reunion celebration, or corporate event; from catering and entertainment services, all details will be handled so you can simply focus on enjoying yourself during this festive time of year!

Sydney Celebrates New Years EVE With Glitter

Sailing Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve can be an unforgettable experience, from seeing its illuminated arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, to witnessing all its wonder. Boat Hire NYE gives you access to Sydney Harbor like never before for an unrivaled view! Our Boat Rental NYE experience captures its magic while giving you access to some truly magical views – we guarantee it!

Booking Your Boat Hire NYE

Lucky Presents Boat Hire NYE provides an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration experience with limited availability, due to high demand. Reserve one or more boats from our selection and let us transform it into an evening filled with luxury, beauty and joy – this New Year’s Eve won’t soon be forgotten!


Enhance your New Year’s Eve celebrations with Lucky Presents’ Boat Hire NYE experience! Sail into 2017 in luxury, breathtaking views, and Sydney’s celebrations as we create unforgettable New Year memories together. Reserve a boat today, and create memories to last a lifetime.

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